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E-Publishing is the art of using common computer equipment to create online references which replace the standard, bulky, printed materials which businesses have been producing for decades via the typewriter, now virtually obsolete. The era of word processing now has arrived, but the result is still the same bulky, printed, three ringed hard-bound thick book of instructions needing to be shipped to the Franchisees via UPS or Courier.

To remove the bulkiness and obsolesence of the older and more costly method of the manufacturing and maintaining of the franchise operations manual and the franchise training manual or human resource manuals is to involve one of the many features of e-publishing. E-publishing, with your computer allows you to construct your own Franchise Operations and/or Training Manuals to be used in the Operations of the business and the Training of the personnel. Yes, e-publishing has finally arrived to obsolete all prior printing methods offering security, ease of observation of information, turning pages with your mouse while you view your manuals to receive information, witnessing first hand, the development of the new generation of Franchising Data Management.

We can assist you in the preparation and the writing of a Franchise Operations Manual and a Franchise Training Manual for your internal and external useage. These manuals, franchise operations and training, have fairly specific formats. Each of these manuals in their own way serve as the reference, instructional guide and procedural guidance instructions for your franchisees to use and to follow to assure brand uniformity of the product.

Think of the ultimate convenience that every franchisee will have, if their franchise operations and training manuals and human resource manuals are on line, constantly up-to-date, controlled directly from your office via your computer. Any changes you might make will be made instantly available only to your franchisees and not capable of being inadvertently lost or modified.

Franchise operations manuals & franchise training manuals are invaluable business training and marketing tools being used throughout the franchising program to help franchisees run their businesses successfully. This is really powerful.

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