Saludos Hispanos

Information on scholarships and qualifications are divided between Graduating High School Seniors, Undergraduates, Graduate students, and Community College Transfers. Info and applications are also available for The Gates Millennium Scholarship. For more info go to HSF’s Getting Ready For College page has tons of information to help walk students and parents through the path to success. The Financial Aid section is a good resource as well. Students who receive an HSF scholarship may also be eligible for additional funds in the form of other scholarships or other types of financial aid. There is also an area with the latest information for undocumented students "Dreamers" and DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Students. Students who have obtained DACA status are currently eligible and can apply for HSF’s General Scholarship during this scholarship term. The College Life Series provides great tips all year long to help students transitioning to college. College students sometimes have feelings of isolation on campus. More specifically, Latino students are usually faced with being a minority with regards to the student population on campus. Each campus has student organizations to help mitigate these circumstances. And HSF has established student clubs at 36 campuses across the country. The role of the HSF Scholar Chapter Network is to promote academic success and student engagement among Latino college students by encouraging them to serve as role models and leaders in their communities. Each chapter has a student coordinator trained by HSF who receives guidance on curriculum and programming to assist Latino students on their campus succeed. In addition, HSF offers outreach events – such as workshops, special events, and college retention programs – both in home cities, and on or near campuses. These outreach events are a great way for Scholars, their families, and prospective applicants to benefit from a multi-faceted support system, which includes guidance, networking opportunities, ways to get involved in HSF programs, and how HSF can serve as a reference. For more information about the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, please visit: S A L U D O S H I S P A N O S