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heal. grow. learn. share. Allendale Association Whether you are seeking employment...or, interested in being a volunteer, a philanthropist or a new friend...we hope you will share the good news of the critical work being done at Allendale! Where Passion Meets Need Nothing prepares you for a career in human services better than a position on the front line. There is no greater satisfaction than helping kids come to terms with their pasts, find their strengths, learn to make positive rather than destructive choices and dare to hope for a brighter future. The work done at Allendale Association is both rewarding and challenging. At every level, our staff shares a passion for making a difference. You, too, can make a difference in a child’s life! Career-Minded Agency We recognize that our most valuable resource is our staff. We are committed to the promotion of individual, academic and career growth, helping expand the talents and skills of our staff, so they may achieve their full potential. This includes a robust on-boarding program to help new hires adjust to the social and performance aspects of their jobs so they can quickly become productive, contributing, successful members of the organization. Our History & Special Tradition of Care Since its humble beginning in 1897, as a refuge for young boys living on the streets of Chicago or arriving on the now historic, “Orphan Trains,” Allendale has been a source of rejuvenation…a retreat from destructive social and environmental forces. When founder, Edward “Cap” Bradley formed Allendale Association, he subscribed to the philosophy that “there are no bad children”. He saw a “need of change…of transplanting growing [children] from the shade out into the sunshine”. Allendale continues to hold true to that philosophy today. Over the years, as societal needs have changed, Allendale’s unwavering mission of delivering top-quality care and services to address the ever-evolving, critical needs in child welfare and child mental health has remained the same. Bradley graduated from Princeton in 1884 and then engaged in family business for seven years. Apparently, he was not enamored with the business world; history does not tell us why he returned from Philadelphia to Chicago in the summer of 1891 – but, 2 years later, he rented a vacant store where he soon opened a clubhouse as a resource for young boys living on the streets. In the succeeding summers, he took the boys camping near Lake Villa, on the western shore of Cedar Lake – where Allendale’s campus is today!