Saludos Hispanos

S A L U D O S H I S P A N O S “What has been fundamental in my success? My mom. When I have to travel for work, she is my right hand; I can say ‘Mommy, please come and take care of the kids.’ For her I have fulfilled many dreams that alone could not have been achieved…From my mother I learned not to let the negative eat my positive soul ... without knowing it, I created that habit and still today I put it into practice.” Last year Rashel married Carlos Garcia, a firefighter at the City of Miami Fire Rescue. Rashel has highly praised Carlos for his physicality, nobility, faith in religion and family orientation. They had been serious for some time before Carlos surprised Rashel with a Hot Air Balloon ride where he proposed with a giant banner held up by their friends and family. Obviously this very special moment is a major highlight on her social media! In a 2014 interview with Mamá Beauté she spoke in Spanish about her most important job. “Being a mom is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you but it is also a great responsibility ... especially for the times that we are living in. Raising a child is hard. We Latinos think about the famous American dream and come to work, work, and work and sometimes neglect the everyday. In my case, I try to balance the time I spend with them. I never miss the sporting games of my son, who is already 16 years old and is a teenager… You must be clear that the priority is them above all things.” I show them that family comes first. I have a big family and we are close.” Achieving the balance between career and family wasn’t easy but she always tried to adjust her career schedule to theirs as they grew up.