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In celebration of National Teacher Appreciation Week, U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona wrote in an op-ed in the Huff Post about his own experiences as an educator and of his hopes for the teaching profession. The full text of the op-ed follows: Twenty-five years ago, I was a newly minted college graduate brimming with excitement for the teaching profession. So excited that I spent $450 of my own savings on crayons, notebooks, and decorations for Room 160—my first classroom. To welcome my class of fourth graders, I designed a wall banner with a rocket ship that said, "let the journey begin." On that day, the journey began for me, too. We, educators, live for those moments when our students feel a sense of belonging in our classrooms and start to believe in themselves. Those moments when a student discovers a love of writing, a knack for numbers, an ear for music, or an eye for art that they didn't know they possessed. Those moments when students don't just meet your highest expectations but surpass them. Especially during National Teacher Appreciation Week, I want to thank you—America's educators. You build relationships with students and set a high bar for their growth. You believe in their potential, even when they don't see it quite yet themselves. It's not an exaggeration: you change lives. As we celebrate you, know this: the Biden-Harris team and the Department of Education see you. We know appreciation can't just be a box of donuts dropped off in your breakroom. You deserve action that shows America truly values you. In this moment, you're facing unprecedented challenges. A public education sector that lost nine percent of its jobs amid the pandemic has left you with growing workloads and less time to provide students with individual attention that you know they need. Salaries are far below what most professionals with graduate degrees earn. Politicians who've never studied the science of learning are trying to tell you what you can teach and attempting to drive a wedge between you and families. U. S. Secretary o f Education Miguel Cardona Let's Give - Our Teachers - a Raise