Saludos Hispanos

Kayden Phoenix Kayden Phoenix is a young writer, director, and creator currently producing a series of comic books titled “A La Brava” based on Latina superheroes that use the power of their culture to fight against villains. Phoenix is a third generation Chicana who grew up in Boyle Heights, a Hispanic neighborhood in East LA. She received a full ride scholarship from Loyola Marymount University where she acquired a BA in Business Administration, with an Emphasis in Marketing. She also became interested in film studies. When she began her film career, the first thing she noticed was the glaring shortage of Latina heroines and superheroes. In response, she became a firm advocate for diversity both in front of and behind the camera. Her passion for equity and inclusion can be seen in her unique storytelling and graphic presentations. Phoenix has said “A big part of my life’s purpose is to give voice to stories as multifaceted, atypical, and diverse as the people we find in the real world.” Phoenix and her books have been in great demand and that may soon lead to seeing her powerful female characters on the silver screen as well.