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Landed your dream job? Put your best foot forward and make a great first impression with the right outfits. It's important to dress for success. Here are some suggestions for aspiring young “Bosses.” 1 Confidence is key. Wear classic outfits that you know you look professional in. We all should have items like that in our closets. Clothing that will allow you to focus on the job instead of your attire. Remember you’re the star of the show. The clothes you wear should complement you without being a distraction. Your own confidence and skills should be speaking volumes for you. 2 Be natural by wearing something comfortable. You should be focused on the job itself rather than thinking about how your clothes feel. Uncomfortable clothes can distract your train of thought and be irritating during a long day especially stiff, itchy fabrics or odd seam bunching. 3 Your look should be polished. Wear refined silhouettes that fit well and only accessorize with a few key pieces. Your boss and fellow employees should not be distracted by you having too much going on. Or worse, not having enough on! No skimpy tops or too tight clothing. Your look should be polished and considered. 4 You must have a strong foundation to stand on. Wear stylish but comfortable shoes. For women, black pumps are a go-to heel especially in corporate environments. If you have a more relaxed workplace you have more footwear options. But be aware that many professional work environments still frown on any kind of open toed shoes. 5 Your attire should show respect for your work environment and that you mean business. People will also be more respectful to you when you dress that way. Even on casual Fridays, don’t wear clothing so casual you could be cleaning out a garage. 6 Take a final look in the mirror before heading to the workplace. Make sure your look matches your intent. Once that is confirmed, you’ll be ready to take on anything the job presents you with. S A L U D O S H I S P A N O S Make Your Wardrobe WORK for You Dress for Success: SEPARATES Grey toned suit transitions to separates for work or weekend. Add a cardigan and liven up with a pop of red or fun accessories.