Saludos Hispanos

importance to Hispanic Americans. “There’s no excuse not to have some type of a story that affects this audience or this region,” Llamas says. The show will also highlight Llamas’ own reporting, whether it is in the form of in-depth, enterprise stories or his work from the field when he is on assignment. That may be frequent, as Llamas’ duties also include working as senior national correspondent for NBC News and contributing to “Today” and “NBC Nightly News.” Both journalists keep a hectic pace, taking on various roles and contributing to multiple platforms for their respective networks. Both are in their early forties and rose thru the ranks at ABC around the same time. ABC News had named Vega and Llamas (rotating) anchors of the weekend edition of “World News Tonight” back in March 2015. “There is nothing more impactful for American Latinos than seeing someone like them on the anchor desk, except when you see two of them on the anchor desk at the same time,” said Mekahlo Medina, NAHJ President. “I choose Cecilia and Tom [for the award] because they have not only made history by being the first Latino anchor team on English Network news, but because they are accomplished journalists that have covered hurricanes, bombings and elections. They practice the craft of journalism with honor and professionalism that is a role model for all journalists.” Since joining ABC News in 2011 as correspondent, Vega’s assignments have taken her around the world, covering the most important stories, people and places during the last 10 years. ABC News president James Goldston said recently: “Cecilia’s smart, tenacious and fearless reporting and tough questions have held officials to account. Cecilia pressed the president and government leaders on the most significant issues of our time, including the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, relations with Russia, immigration and the family separation policy. She reported on all the major political events of the past several years…she brings that same tenacity and relentless pursuit of the facts to covering the Biden Administration.” Before joining ABC News, Vega was a reporter for ABC's KGO- TV in San Francisco. And prior to transitioning to broadcast news, she made her mark as an award-winning print reporter, most recently at The San Francisco Chronicle. During her career, she has received many awards including an Emmy. Her depth of experience makes her a key member of ABC’s politics team. Vega reported daily on the Trump campaign and his administration. She logged more than 239,000 miles and more than 500 days on the campaign trail during Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. She also followed the Bernie Sanders campaign. Now she is Chief White House correspondent. "My family never would have expected anyone in our family to end up working at the White House. What an example of the American dream-- to have the granddaughter of Mexican immigrants working at the White House." S A L U D O S H I S P A N O S