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S A L U D O S H I S P A N O S fession, CLEO provides placement assistance, academic support and counseling, financial assistance, bar prep orientation, online tutoring programs and weekend seminars and workshops. The seminars and workshops generally address the continuing need for legal services to under-served and low-income communities, and stress the importance of the students' commitment to serve those communities upon graduation. In addition, as a means of extending the legal education pipeline, CLEO also provides training and workshops to college students who are interested in attending law school and pursuing a career in the legal profession. Introductory orientations such as “The Road to Law School,” offer a one-day seminar designed to expose participants to the law school admission process and steps for making them competitive law school applicants. The CLEO website offers comprehensive resources and a portal to the legal world. The CLEO diverCITY Network is an online portal designed to be “the virtual destination for minority law students.” CLEO is actively encouraging minority/underrepresented law students seeking membership in CLEO to register as a new CLEO Affiliate. Registration is Free. To sign up, click on the “Students” button from CLEO's home page. College students or graduates interested in attending law school can also receive the CLEO Edge, a magazine for pre-law students. College freshman, sophomores, and juniors may also receive the College Scholars Road to Law School Calendar upon request. Here are some of the CLEO programs and seminars offered: CLEO/Thurgood Marshall College Scholars Program is for freshmen, sophomores or juniors interested in attending law school. The Road to Law School, Sophomore Super Saturdays, Juniors Jumpstart the LSAT and Achieving Success in the Application Process and pre-law seminars are designed especially for undergraduate students so that they can learn how to successfully navigate the law school admission process and underwrite their success in law school. All are free. Sophomore Summer Institute (SSI) is a free four-week residential pre-law program designed to prepare students to become more competitive law school applicants. Other Programs and Seminars include: ∑CLEO Ambassadors ∑The CLEO Six-Week Summer Institute ∑Achieving Success In The Application Process (ASAP) ∑Attitude Is Essential (AIE) ∑Mid-Winter Academic Enrichment Seminar ∑Mid-Summer Professional Development Seminar and Career Fair ∑Mid-Winter Bar Preparation Seminar The latest pipeline program “Lawyers and Leaders in Training” continues the organization’s mission. The CLEO Governing Council is comprised of representatives from national bar associations and law school professional organizations. For more information please visit