Saludos Hispanos

something “that grandmas do” she was making it fun and exciting. She also has an engaging approach to instruction and is able to teach people of all skill levels. It didn't take long for her tips and ideas to find an ever expanding audience. She decided to become an entrepreneur. As Mimi has said, “I could not afford a computer when I started looking into starting a business, so I would go to the library and read books.” She read books on graphic design and HTML coding to build her own websites and create her own logos. She read a workbook on accounting and explored the worlds of marketing, branding and public relations to learn more about all aspects of running a business. During this time she attempted to start a few small businesses, but none ever got off the ground. “My lessons often came through trial and error, but with each bump in the road, I learned what not to do and just kept moving forward,” she said. “I have always been a terrible student…reading did not come easy to me. I often needed to read a paragraph several times to understand what I was reading. So the thought of creating tutorials with pictures and written word stressed me out.” That’s why she decided to create video tutorials and tips for learning to sew. “I knew other people like me had to do better with video instruction and learning with their hands, so I started making step-by-step videos,” Mimi explains. “That was a gamechanger for me and my audience.”