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The Air Guard is another unique branch of the military, with the dual mission to serve at both the federal and state levels. Protect America 's skies and serve your country while working a part-time career for the Air National Guard. When trouble strikes your state, your Governor can call on the Air Guard for a mission where you will help save lives, provide support and deliver critical supplies to communities that need you. Likewise, when the President calls, you will answer by delivering overseas humanitarian aid or support of our nation's homeland defense efforts. And because you serve parttime in the Air Guard, you do it in a way that fits your life, close to where you live and work. That's the meaning of “Part-time Blue, Full-time You.” The Air Guard is an excellent place for a student to start a rewarding career, continue education in college, and gain the discipline, respect and self-esteem inherent in military service. Serving part-time, you will gain expert knowledge and technical skills that will transfer easily into a civilian career and also earn outstanding educational benefits if you desire to go to college. You can earn up to $20,000 towards college tuition while working part-time in your hometown when joining the Air National Guard. ANG is also offering a $15,000 signing bonus. Whether you are planning to pursue a collegedegree or be a part of the civilian workforce, the Air Guard will allow you to train at a unit close to home or school. As a member of the Air Guard, you're eligible to receive educational benefits through the Montgomery G.I. Bill where you could be eligible to receive money for college. This program is a free benefit for all individuals that join for 6 years. Depending on the availability, you may also be eligible for the Air Guard's student loan repayment program. The Air Guard also gives you the opportunity to receive training in the field of your choice. And as you advance in your Air Guard career, you’ll continue to receive the most up-to-date training – training that may not be available in the civilian world and will give you a competitive edge in your career. For new Air Guard members, the commitment involves working one weekend a month and two weeks a year for a minimum period of 6 years. You must attend Basic Military Training at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas for approximately 8 1/2 weeks, followed by Technical School for the career field you have chosen. Tech schools range in length from 6 to more than 50 weeks, depending on your career choice. In the Air Guard, you’ll receive a regular paycheck, tuition assistance, and more. Benefits include a combination of state and federal benefits to provide money for education, a military retirement plan, and affordable health and life insurance. You’ll even have access to free space-available air travel. Check out what’s available in your state by selecting your state in the EXPLORE area on the website Be sure to ask your recruiter about how you can take advantage of these benefits in your state. S A L U D O S H I S P A N O S