Saludos Hispanos

Handsome William Levy is a well-known star to the Spanish speaking audience, primarily for having starred in several highly rated Telenovelas (soap operas), and for ranking highly on People en Espanol’s 50 Mas Bellos (50 Most Beautiful) list. The leading man graced the "Mas Bellos" cover last year and has appeared in the issue four times in a row since 2009. The former model has been featured on many Spanish language magazine covers during the last few years. And now the Latin heartthrob is dancing his way into America's hearts during the 14th season of Dancing with the Stars, with two-time mirror ball champion Cheryl Burke as his dance-pro partner. He has worked hard and has done very well in the competition, all while winning himself a larger fan base and some great exposure in Hollywood. William Levy's life has always been marked by a strong determination. Born in Cojimar, Cuba he was raised by his single mother, Barbara. He is the oldest of four brothers. Life was difficult, and he can still recall the deprivation and hunger he felt even as a child. Even food was scarce and rationed. By the time he was an adolescent, he dreamt of escaping on a raft. A popular, but very dangerous option. "It’s a do or die situation," he explained recently to Juju Chang from ABC’s Nightline. Then in 1995, his stepfather was granted political asylum by the US government because he was a political prisoner in Cuba. It was a miracle for William, especially since he was planning to leave on a boat himself a week before. "I got really lucky man,” he says with a laugh. S A L U D O S H I S P A N O S LEVY William