Saludos Hispanos

S A L U D O S H I S P A N O S A body is found lying in a pool of blood, a shooting has occurred. What happened? Who dunit? It is the job of forensic experts, criminologists and those in the forensic sciences to make detailed notations regarding the evidence, to carefully and methodically collect it, and finally to analyze it scientifically, using various skills and scientific disciplines. Physical evidence may include any item that will provide useful information for an investigation or a trial. The increasing role of technology and the crime lab in these types of investigations creates a good employment outlook in these fields, although this career group is relatively small and specialized. As technology becomes more widespread and sophisticated, it will have an increasingly significant effect on police work and investigations. Recent data already indicates a dramatic increase in civilian employment in fields relating to criminology and forensic sciences. In addition, more support and clerical services will be needed as record keeping, computers, and lab work increase in importance in this type of work. The following is part one of a brief summary of several different occupations and crime lab services. CAREERS IN CRIMINOLOGY / FORENSIC SCIENCE