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Criminologists Criminologists or forensic analysts are the crime lab analysts who assist in criminal investigations by applying scientific principles to the evidence. Usually they are specialists working in a very specific area such as toxicology or serology. Some are technicians skilled in specific types of instrumentation. Evidence that can be examined by the criminologist might include any number of things, including paint chips, fibers, glass, dust, dirt, gases, hair, blood, skin tissue, printed matter, paper, ink and food. They use microscopes, spectroscopes, infrared and UV light, chromatography, microphotography and other specialized lab equipment in their work. Evidence Technicians/Crime Scene Processing Evidence technicians use a wide variety of materials and equipment, including photography equipment and lamps; plaster and plastic for making casts of impressions and tracks; fingerprint equipment, including chemicals, powders, brushes, slides, and special lifting tape; a portable vacuum cleaner used to collect hair or fibers; as well as things like rope, tape measures, scissors, knives, magnifying glasses, and evidence bags and containers. Technicians also painstakingly search for and collect other types of evidence, such as deadly instruments, knives, firearms, spent bullets and casings, and narcotics. S A L U D O S H I S P A N O S