Saludos Hispanos

A victim of sexual abuse as a child, Mimi Goodwin was a troubled teen and ran away to Los Angeles when she was 16. Soon she became a homeless, teenage single mother. Her prospects were not good, but somehow, she found the strength to flee from an abusive relationship. Struggling to survive, she bounced from couch to couch until she secured an assistant job and was able to stabilize herself with income and a home for her little daughter. It was at that time that she began blogging about her true passion – sewing and designing clothes. She had a knack for seeing a fabulous design on the runway and figuring out how to recreate it herself for very little cost. Mimi had always enjoyed sewing. When she was 12, she had gone to Puerto Rico with her father and spent much of her time learning to sew, taking garments apart and learning how to put them back together again. The adults were not always happy with her experiments, but she found that using her imagination to restyle the clothes was fun, and an exciting outlet for her. Little did she know it was also the first step on her journey to professional success. Mimi loved fashion. She may not have had the money to buy designer clothes, but her skills enabled her to create a beautiful wardrobe that allowed her to shine in important meetings with no one the wiser. By the time she was in her early 20's she knew a career in fashion was her dream. She enrolled in a fashion design school, but the tuition and other problems made her drop out soon after. She was not ready to let go of her dream and continued to learn on her own.